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Red_Ninja is Civic_Princess's boyfriend. He used to be in the Hall of Fame, as shown in Civic Prncess's website, FantageRocks. Now he is not in the Hall of Fame and he is currently using Civic Princess's account since she quit. Until February 2013, he has been making her level up. Since then, Civic/Ren hasn't gone on.

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The Fantage Wiki, our sister website, has information about Red Ninja. We really need someone to add more info of him, but here is some of the writing we wrote on his page. Go there to read more.

The Fantage Wiki! Edit

Red_Ninja is Civic_Princess's boyfriend. He has been taking over her account since she quit Fantage. Red_Ninja has created a YouTube account with Civic_Princess. The account's name is redandjen.