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Glittery3 is a level 240 non member who deserves so much and stupid bitches are giving her hate. She has given free items to fantagians who got scammed, after feeling what it felt to be scammed itself. You people know NOTHING about her. She has a new youtube, Fantage Glittery3, which she made only because of peer pressure. She is in the screening room, under Jikorox name. She is a MAJOR character, which 97 percent of fantage recognize her from. Think you know her, think again. She also makes AMAZING FAN ART!!!! She never shows them because she is secretive and the very few people who has seen her art, say that she is 3 times better than kitastrofe. As her art is very detailed. She has been in the comet a few times, for submitting photos, although they were back in early 2010.....

I know that icecycle91 is behind all this hate however.