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Fantage is a virtual world created by two Asians(forgot their names). They started the project in 2007, and released Fantage in early 2008. It is a fun world for all kids, ages 6-16(it claims). See this page in The Fantage Wiki for more information. The two Asians created the avatars combining the popular Japanese "chibi" with U.S.A. style.


Millions of people have joined Fantage, and the popualtion dramatically increased during 2011. Anyone can join, but it seems that this virtual world is more popular to girls than boys.

How Exciting!Edit

Many Fantagians are excited with this game, especially the designs of their avatars themselves, creating this rage in YouTube called "Fantage Series". Most of the games in Fantage ar based on common popular games, like Candy Swap seems to based off of Bejeweled and Word Up is a dramatically changed version of Text Twist.