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"The Fantage Wiki!" is a recommended wiki about Fantage, that is our sister website. It is also really awesome!

The Fantage Wiki was created by Fantage beta users Sameer1000 and Canada. By 2011, the wiki finally managed to get over a 100 pages along with a huge amount of improvement. Please visit The Fantage Wiki!

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"The Fantage Wiki!" is a truly recommended wiki. Read below for details.

The Fantage Wiki!: About The Fantage Wiki! Edit

Hello! Welcome to The Fantage Wiki! We are the leading Fantage wiki that is better than the other Fantage Wiki which has, maybe, 39 pages.

This is a recommended wiki, as you can see. We have information on the places of Fantage as well as some of the users that you can see today in Fantage! This wiki also has information on the latest Fantage Missions, Fantage Cheats, and even the latest Fantage Games! (Read more...) (Visit Our Sister Website Now!)