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First: Pinkstardust

First Place in the All Time Hall of Fame.

Second: Civic_Princess

Level 739 non, used to be first place, was famous starting in May 2009 to today.

Third: Queenbee_

Pinkstardust's sister, used to be in Top 10, gets crowded

Fourth: Cristina792

10th Place, has a YT channel

Fifth: Red_ninja

Civic's boyfriend, used to be in top 10, level 800 non member

Sixth: _Bridget_

Legend, got crowded

Seventh: Jikorox

YT channel w/ 600,000+ views, a little crowded, pro

Eight: Piefr2uahahaiiiiii

Pro, YT channel with 550,000+ views

Ninth: Kewldude99

YT channel w/ 1,000,000+ views: LOVESTRUCK, his popular series

Tenth: Cupcakequeen_117

1,800,000+ YT views: TEENAGE DREAM, her popular series