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This is the Policies.

This will include some warnings, cautions, and what you can't do on this wiki.

We(The Admins) advise you to pay attetion to this.

Before You Contribute To this wiki:

Sign in. If you do want to be an admin, just Sign in/up!

No vandalism. This wiki has had vandals, and we don't like it! We have cussed for them to go away! If you are a vandal person, you will be blocked. STOP BEING A VANDAL PERSON!!!

No enemies of the admins can be here! We have some enemies here, but we are going to block them right away! Some have already been blocked. Check here if you have an enemy that is an admin. Just leave the wiki if you do.

No spamming/scams on this wiki. We HATE it. We block any spammers/scammers.


We block users that do/are the following:

  • Enemies
  • Scam/Spam/Scammers/Spammers
  • Vandal People
  • People that do NOT follow these rules.

Reasons for Blocking

  • Did you just look up, or are you blind?
  • To make this wiki a great community!

Basic Rules

Be friendly and helpful. We don't like hearing reports of people being rude. We will block you.

Make sure your question is Fantage-Related. Questions that are not related to fantage, are considered scam. Go to AfD to see. if you do not see it there, go here.

Never post private information. It can go be shared on websites, and can be revealed on the WWW(World Wide Web). We do not want our contributers to be kidnapped. Do not do that, please. Examples are: 510 Granite Street, 000-000-000, Haii I'm Katie I'm 15 I live in Florida, and Miami,FL. That info can get info all over the web.

Before creating a question on the wiki:

It cannot be scam/spam. We will delete the question, and will block you for 6 months-4 years.

It has to be about Fantage. It can be a Fantage user, a Fantage youtube account, and more fantage. If it is not related, it's going to be deleted, and will get you block for 1 week- 2 months.

Contact the Admin(s)

  1. ♥♥FantageJapanRules♥♥

Contact is needed when it is important.