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Stars can be earned almost by anything. But if you really want to know where, here you go.


Playing games is the most obvious way to earn Stars. They are all around you. But here's some games that you really want to pay attention to:

  • Word Up - Finish up to Level 10, you can get approximately 100 Stars.
  • Top Models Inc. Fashion Show - Win the entire game, you can get up to 80-110 Stars.
  • Top Models Inc. Fashion Show Beach Edition - Win the entire game, you can get up to 80-100 Stars.
  • Candy Swap - Do as many swaps as you can! Get about 100 Stars.

There may be more, and if there is some good ones, add them here.


Selling is quite efficient, but that depends on which method you choose and how much you are selling is worth.

Trade 'n' SellEdit

Opened at October 2012 and replacing Vintage, here you can sell your clothes for any price above how much its' actually worth. However that depends if your item is popular(if it is and its inexpensive, you get money fast!) and how much you made the price for it. You can sell Starred Items for Stars or eCoined(called co!ned, ko!ned, and coins in Fantage) Items for eCoins. The problem is that you need to pay 10-20 eCoins to put it up and you need to be a Premium Member to sell Starred Items.

Lucky Bob's TradingEdit

Opened at around 2010, you can sell any of your Starred Items here. Either take Bob's offer or spin the Wheel to see how much you get from it. The problem is that your profit from this is very small and limited, and selling the same sticker over and over again will make you no longer to sell it again. (only for the sticker you get at fantage school)


There are many other ways to get Stars.


Voting in a HOT OR NOT! Booth can get you 10 Stars. Not really efficient. You can find HOT OR NOT! Booths at Uptown or at the Island.

Mini QuestsEdit

Watch certain tutorials to get 2,000 Stars each. This can only be done once though, but there are also some quests that give certain amounts of Stars after doing them.

Daily QuizzesEdit

Added in September 2012 to tie in with the Back-To-School event, answer these quests daily. How many points you got is how many Stars you get. Only once per day.

Log InEdit

Logging in 7 days a week in a row gives you 350 Stars. Logging in 30 days in a row gives you 3,000 Stars.

Premium Member Unique FeatureEdit

If you are a Premium Member, you will get free 10,000 Stars each month you stay being one.