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Becoming famous in Fantage used to be a big deal until people became obsessed with "ones"(boyfriends). But here's how you do it anyway:

  • Make a YouTube Account and upload cool Fantage videos. Making some videos can both appeal to the YouTube audience and the Fantage audience! If you make a series, and invite other people in, and post it on YouTube, popularity will be yours sooner or later. The more subscribers you have, the more popular you get.
  • Level up. Simply leveling up to a higher level increases your chance of getting more buddies(even if they are random).
  • Have/Wear a lot of cool clothes. This means eCoin items. Fashion in Fantage is all the rage!
  • Help out others. Either by videos or just in Fantage, helping someone out can help you get credited for how you did something. Also, it feels nice to help.
  • That's some ideas... There's a lot more! Feel free to edit this with more ways to be famous.
  • Make a Blog. Lost of people love fantage blogs and stuff such as this website. They learn cheats, ways to level up, and learn all about you. It's very fun too.
  • Take part in a series. Fantage series can be entertaining to watch. Making a series or starring in one can make yourself more recognizable and gets

People to subscribe to others YouTube accounts.